Margaret Laffin       2015

"Over the years, the good people at Action Sports Clinic have helped me through multiple injuries ranging from minor sprains to recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery.  Everyone at the clinic has been caring, helpful, patient and professional throughout all of my injury rehabs.  They have been a very important part of keeping me active.

Gina is a very knowledgeable physiotherapist.  She has always made time for my incessant questions about nutrition, training, rehabs and anything else I threw her way.  She has helped me through many injuries and most recently ACL reconstruction surgery (with unfortunate complications).  I wouldn’t have made it through this experience without Gina’s patience, compassion and gentle pushes.  She always seems to know what kind of help I need."

D.J. - Top Gear
"Gina and Shawn have put me back in saddle more times than I can remember. With accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, highly specified rehab exercises, and even a few laughs, the Action Sports Team gets you going again quickly and with few visits."

J.B. - Top Gear
"I first met Shawn [or "the owner of Action Sports"] riding my bike in Banff. We promptly set about trying to kill each other. It was only years later that I got injured and had the good luck to renew our acquaintance. Besides being athletes themselves, the therapists at Action Sports possess multiple skill sets both individually and collectively. As such, they aren't tied to any one type of therapy and can objectively devise a plan to get you back on track as soon as possible."

“What a great team! Kelly Burnett, Renata Reid & Dr. Shawn Rennick. I have been a client of Action Sports Clinic for 6 years and I would highly recommend this team to everyone I know.”

“This is the dream one stop shop for sports medicine where every element is the best in its class.”

“I have visited Shawn for a couple of conditions including knee trouble, lower back pain, and rotator cuff problems. In each case the problem has been resolved after a few treatments. I would have no problem recommending Action Sports Clinic for someone with sports related injuries.”

“Over years of running, training for Ironman and weight-training, I have had my fair share of injures! I always return to Dr. Rennick at Action Sports Clinic because in addition to superior chiropractic and ART therapy, he provides sound explanations, a practical ‘rehab’ plan, at-home stretches and preventative measures to adher to. Whether you are a “top ten” athlete or just a zealous fitness nut, Dr, Rennick takes your issue seriously and gets you ‘back in your game’ asap!!”

“I visited the Action Sports Clinic last year for physiotherapy on my knee following surgery. I was satisfied with the results and the improvement. I returned recently when I began experiencing pain in my back, and the therapy has greatly reduced the pain and allowed me to perform everyday tasks as I could before. I would recommend Action Sports Clinic and thank Mr. Partyka for physiotherapy”

“Marcin and all the staff at Action Sports Clinic are absolutely wonderful. I originally injured my shoulder in July 2005 after moving a 50 lb desk (using the heave/ho method with my shoulder). After spending several hours in the hospital and being treated with Morphine for severe muscle spasms, I was sent home with muscle relaxants and Tylenol 3. Never was I told that I should see my own doctor or that perhaps physiotherapy or some other treatment would be needed. I was told it could take up to 18 months to heal. In January 2006 I was still suffering and was unable to lift any amount of weight. Six months with no improvement just did not seem right to me. I went to my family doctor and after getting the inflammation down, physiotherapy was recommended. A friend suggested I try Action Sports Clinic and I began to see Marcin for physiotherapy to get my shoulder back to normal. I learned that not only did I injure my shoulder, my spine was also injured due to it compensating for the shoulder.

Through a combination of physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture, Marcin has “fixed” me up good as new – and in a relatively short period of time. Now Marcin is fixing a thumb injury I sustained while “goofing around” on holidays.

I cannot say enough about the staff at Action Sports Clinic and highly recommend them to “fix” any injury you may be suffering from.”

“Very professional, very friendly, very helpful, very informative.”

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